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In Debian Stretch the MySQL database is being replaced with MariaDB

In Debian 8 (Jessie) the version of MySQL provided is 5.5. In Debian 9 (Stretch) MySQL will be replaced by MariaDB version 10.1.26. Your "test" Stretch server will contain a copy of your files, and a MariaDB database that contains the contents of your MySQL database database converted to MariaDB (so you don't need to convert the database to MariaDB yourself.

Our documentation on MariaDB is here.

 There will no longer be a password for the database root  user (so the section in the control panel used for resetting the root MySQL password will be retired).

The debian-sys-maint user, currently used for system backups, will also be obsolete.

MWS will create a role called "siteadmin", which will have root privileges. Users that are listed as administrators, AND have an SSH public key configured via the control panel, will be added to this role automatically. They will then have password-less access to the server and be able to carry out administrative tasks.

mysql_connect is no longer supported in PHP 7, but one can use
MySQLi or PDO_MySQL instead. Choosing an API has further details.