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Managed Web Service Help & Support


Creating web sites

Once you have created a server, you can configure the default web site and add additional web sites to it (depending on their size -- their disk storage can't exceed 10 GB). On the control panel, select 'MWS server settings' and then 'Web sites':

mws cp sites> mws cp sites2

To add additional sites, select 'Add a new Web site', and complete the web site name you want, then select 'Submit'.

On the web sites screen, you will now see the default website (which cannot be deleted) and any that you have added - the screen will look similar to this:

mws cp sites3

Sites with no associated hostname can be set up on disk but can't be accessed over the web.

When a new site is created a simple index.html file is added to the docroot directory so that there is some content to display if anyone browses to it. You can delete or replace this file as you wish. A simple robots.txt file is also created which will discourage search engines from trying to index your site - you can also delete, replace or update this file as you wish.

Controlling and removing a website

The panel shown above gives you access to controls for the default web site and each site you have created - a label will appear when you hover over each of the controls. The individual controls do the following:

  • To visit a site, select mws view icon
  • To add hostnames associated with the site, select mws domains icon Each site can have multiple hostnames.
  • To generate a TLS certificate request, select mws tlscert icon A TLS certificate is required if you want people to be able to access your site over the secure form of http (https).
  • To delete a site, select mws delete icon - the site and all its contents will be deleted and will not be retrievable.