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Managed Web Service Help & Support


Creating a server

  1. Access and select 'Register new server'
  2. Fill in the details on the next screen to give a short name for the server, a longer description, a 'webmaster' email address that will reach the people running the server, and the 'type' of server you want which controls the amount of disk space available and the cost. Consider your choice of 'type' carefully -- you can't change the amount of disk space available after the server is created.
    mws new server
  3. Submit the details. In doing so, you will accept the terms and conditions of the MWS

A confirmation email will be sent to the webmaster address that you selected. You, or somebody, will need to respond to it to confirm that the address is working. This address is used for various automatic emails about your server, as the default address for emails sent by your server, and by UIS for contacting administrators. It is also passed to Apache as the 'webmaster' address for the site and so will appear on some error pages created by Apache. 

Once you have created a server you need to arrange to pay for it. The initial charging period runs for 12 months from the date you created the server. You have one month from that date to arrange the initial payment, otherwise your server will be automatically suspended. See How to pay for the service for more details.

Administrating a server

Once you have registered a server, it will be shown on the screen when you log into

mws servers 

When you select the row of the table showing the server information you will see the control panel for that server, and the details for the server appear at the bottom of the panel:

mws cp server info

Each server is allocated a primary hostname ending It is also allocated globally visible IPv4 and IPv6 address. You can find these towards the bottom-left of the server's control panel.

A newly-created server has a single default web site which can be accessed using the server's default hostname.

Restarting your server

If your server appears to be misbehaving you may be able to fix it by restarting it. You can do so with the 'Restart' button on the server settings page (Server Settings --> Restart). If you find yourself having to do this frequently then please discuss it with .

Disabling and cancelling your server

You can temporally disable your site, as if you'd switched it off but not deleted, with the 'Disable this Managed Web Service server' button on the 'Account settings' page on your server's control panel. You continue to pay for disabled servers.

If you no longer need a server, select 'Account settings' and choose:

  • 'Cancel this Managed Web Service account' to permanently delete the server and any sites contained on it
  • 'Do not renew the subscription' to leave the server running to the end of the current billing period and then to permanently delete the server and any sites contained on it -- you will not receive renewal reminders for a site in this state

You can also Quarantine a server to stop it serving web pages or sending email. This can be useful if you think or know that your server has been compromised.