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Managed Web Service Help & Support


'Administrators' and 'SSH-only users' can login to their servers using a SSH client, and can transfer files to and from their servers using 'sFTP' or 'scp'. The Managed Web Server does not support Telnet or unencrypted FTP.

If you are an administrator or SSH-only user you login to a server using your University ID (your CrsID, something like fjc55) and your standard UIS password (as used on Raven, Hermes, etc). For newly-created accounts your initial password will give you access the MWS control panel but you won't be able to use it for ssh, sFTP or scp until you have reset it via the site (see Information on how UIS passwords work).

The hostname of your server appears towards the bottom left of its control panel.

Rather than use a password, you can also set up an 'SSH public key'. To set up a SSH public key, click on your name in the top right of the control panel. This will display your user's panel from where you can upload a key. Once the key is uploaded, it will be installed in all MWS servers that you have access to.

When you connect to a new server for the first time, SSH clients display the server's 'Host Key Fingerprint' so you can be sure you are connected to the right one. You can see the 'Host Key Fingerprints' for you server towards the bottom left of its control panel.

The Managed Web Server does not support unencrypted FTP.

Login access

You can login to your site using SSH. After logging in, your 'current directory' will be your personal home directory. To access your web site content you probably want to change your current directory to something in /var/www (see Understanding the file system layout). 

If you are a Macintosh or Windows user you may need to install an application capable of making secure connections (e.g. JellyfiSSH or iTerm for Macintoshes with Mac OS X, or use ssh from the Terminal; MacSSH or Nifty Telnet SSH for Macintoshes with older Mac OS versions; PuTTY for PCs running Windows); from Unix systems use ssh.

Transferring files

You can transfer files or whole sites by using SFTP or SCP. When you first log in you will be in your home directory so will have to navigate to /var/www and then select the site you wish to use. You will probably want to transfer web site content into the docroot directory inside your web site's folder (so /var/www/default/docroot for the default web site).


Mac: Fetch

Fetch is the recommended SFTP program on the Mac. Download Fetch from and then email  for the registration details for the University site licence. For more information about how to use Fetch, see

Linux/Unix: SFTP/SSH

Use the SFTP client on your Linux/Unix system.

Windows: FileZilla

FileZilla is the recommended SFTP program on Windows. It is a free application that can be downloaded from, where you will also find full documentation.


SCP can be used to transfer single files - it is built into Linux/Unix systems and for Windows WinSCP is recommended.