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Managed Web Service Help & Support


The Managed Web Service (MWS) is available to groups that are able to write and maintain their own web pages or web applications, and that wish to have a server run in a managed environment. MWS servers are available to support the work of the University, the Colleges and its related institutions. They can also be used to support collaborations with outside bodies providing they are managed and maintained by current members of staff or resident students of the University.

MWS administrators are responsible for creating and maintaining web site content, including any software that they install (n.b. they do not get 'root' access to their MWS servers). They are also responsible for upgrading their servers to new versions of the underlying operating system as they become available.

You can find more information about the expected role of administrators in the MWS terms and conditions.

UIS does not provide administrative support for use of the MWS; please report any problems to . UIS can not provide any assistance with writing web pages or managing web applications on the MWS, other than the usual range of 'first aid' advice, documents and courses.

Expected skills

Site managers must install, configure and manage any content or applications they wish to use on their site without further assistance, and must manage security and access for content providers. Configuration of the site is through the dashboard.

The MWS is Unix-based and administrators will need at least some Unix skills to administer even basic sites. More advanced Unix skills may be needed to take advantage of more advanced facilities.