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Managed Web Service Help & Support


The Managed Web Service is a charge-for service. Each MWS Server costs £100 per year for 10GB of usable disk, £150 a year for 20GB, and £300 a year for 50GB, plus VAT where applicable, payable annually in advance. MWS Servers include 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM. Your finance or accounting team will know if you need to pay VAT on purchases from University Information Services.

MWS charges apply from the date a MWS Server is first created and annually thereafter.

Payment is by purchase order (or equivalent) only. Check you are entitled to use the MWS before paying (see Terms of Use). If using CUFS, make out Purchase Orders to "Information Services", otherwise make then out to "University Information Services".

Describe the purchase as "Annual fee for UIS Managed Web Server 'name' for 'period'". Replace 'name' with with the name you gave the server when you created it as shown on the control panel. Replace 'period' with the period you are paying for, e.g. June 2017-May 2018. 

University organisations must supply CUFS purchase orders. Colleges and related organisations that don't issue purchase orders can upload a letter containing the information above, any reference that should be quoted on a subsequent invoice, the amount to be paid (plus VAT were applicable), and confirming that payment will be made on receipt of an invoice.

Initial payment

  • MWS Server Administrators (see Users) have access to the control panel and have up to 30 days from a server's creation date to upload a purchase order using the main control panel > "Billing settings"
    mws billing settings
  • If no one uploads a Purchase Order within 30 days, your server will automatically be cancelled and you will no longer have access to it.
  • If a new site is cancelled within the first 30 days (or just isn't paid for), no payment will be required.


  • Billing works on an annual subscription basis. You provide a purchase order (or equivalent) for the cost of your MWS server for its first year. In following years we will automatically charge the same purchase order number with the same amount, or issue a repeat invoice, unless you tell us not to do so.
  • Renewals apply from the anniversary of the date on which the server was first created. The renewal date is shown on the "Account settings" page of the server's control panel.  MWS Server Administrators will receive an email reminder a month before the renewal date, and a further reminder at the beginning of the month containing the renewal date.
  • If you want your MWS renewal to be charged to a different purchase order number or if you want different information on the invoice then one of your MWS Server Administrators (see Users) must upload a new purchase order (or equivalent). We will charge the renewal against the new one. Please see above under 'Initial Payment' for the information you must provide. The new purchase order must be uploaded before the renewal date.
  • There are two ways for MWS Administrators to cancel renewal. This must be done before the renewal date. 
    • They can cancel your server using the option "Cancel this Managed Web Service account" in your "Account settings" section, which will immediately cancel your server and take down all the websites associated with it.
    • Alternatively they can schedule the cancellation of your server on the renewal date. For this, they need to use the option "Do not renew the subscription" in your "Account settings" section. You will still have access to your server until then but we'll stop sending you payment reminders.